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Choose Respect
Choose Respect

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Signs of Immature Love

  • You are tired most of the time
  • Love seems more like a burden than a joy
  • Violence is part of the relationship
  • You keep having thoughts like ‘Maybe things will get better’
  • You feel MISERABLE!
  • Choose Respect

Signs of Mature Love

  • You have a lot of energy
  • You have a sense of humor and seem to smile
  • You really appreciate each other’s ideas
  • Neither of you frequently asks "Are you sure you love me?"
  • Prove you love me." or "Do you really care about me?"
  • When you are together, you spend most of your time creatively
  • You can talk about each other’s likes and dislikes
  • You are a person, not a sex object
  • You can spend a day alone with your partner (without television or video) and find it FANTASTIC!

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